available when you have a dental emergency

Do Emergency Rooms Treat Dental Problems?

If you have a dental emergency, you might think it sensible to take it to an emergency room. After all, the doctors there are trained to treat a variety of medical problems and they are available to help you when your dentist is closed.

However, you may not realize that it is illegal in most states for anyone other than a licensed dentist to perform dental procedures. That’s because a degree in dentistry is different from one in other medical fields. Medical doctors do not typically have training in dentistry, unless they have pursued that separately from a medical doctor degree.

If you need dental procedures done, you will have to go to a dentist, and there are options available to you even if your regular dentist is closed at the time and you need help right away.

Portland, OR urgent dental care can provide emergency dental service to you at any hour of the day. Emergency dentists operate 24/7 and can perform all the same dental procedures as your regular dentist. If you need help right away with a dental problem, they are your best bet, as there are typically short waiting times with them and their convenient hours mean that no matter when the problem occurs, they will be available to help you out.

Do not take your dental problem to an emergency room, because the doctors there will simply have to call in an emergency dentists to handle the problem. They won’t be allowed to perform the procedure themselves. You are better off going straight to the source and getting help from an emergency dentist at one of the Portland, OR urgent dental care clinics. It’s always best to get the kind of professional help that is meant for your particular situation, but in this case, it is required by law.

It’s a good idea to look up urgent dental care in your area and know where the closest one is to you before you have a dental emergency. You should have the address and contact number of an emergency dentist for when a problem occurs. That way, when you need help, you don’t have to spend time researching emergency dentists.

No matter what kind of dental procedure you need done, emergency dentists can take care of it for you. They undergo the same training and licensing as your regular dentist.